Facebook Introduces Ask Button For Dating

Posted By: Arin Dey - May 20, 2014
Facebook has introduced the Ask button that allows members to ask the profiles which don't have a relationship status. Members can ask directly by using the button whether he or she is single. The button will be visible only to the person who is checking the page of a person whose status is not listed in their profile.

Facebook Introduces Ask Button For Dating

Lets see how it works. If a user clicks ‘Ask,’ he or she can then send a message to the object of his or her interest such as: “Hi Mark, I liked your profile. I was wondering if you are single?” Here the only condition is that users can only send such messages to a person they are friends with.

On the other hand, the object of interest then receives a request to select a status. At last, the person receiving the request then has three options: make his or her relationship status visible to all friends, visible to the person who sent the request or decline the request.

It seems that Facebook has now started an online dating pace where we can see the hopes of providing even more personal information on its users to marketers.

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