How Google Analytics Can Help Business [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 23, 2014
Google Analytics can always track your website data. These data can be used to analyze and help strengthen your marketing efforts. There are different areas to look at inside the Google Analytics report, here are five areas which small businesses should focus on to get a better understanding on their website: 1. Traffic Sources, 2. Demographics, 3. What Draws People To The Site, 4. Audience Engagement, 5. Identify Problems Area.

How Google Analytics Can Help Business [Infographic]

When you have a better understanding of how your keywords work, you also gain a better perspective of your customers. Soon, you will begin to notice behavioral patterns based on their keyword usage and page visits. With this information, you will be able to segment your customers as well. You can find out which of the websites that lead users to your site churn out the most conversion rates. You can also learn about all the different ways that visitors are brought to your site, and may even learn a surprising thing or two about these funnels.
KPIs und Analysen im Content Marketing: "Google Analytics: The A-to-Z Guide for Content Marketers" [Infographic] | via Social Media Today

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