How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Online Tools

Posted By: Arin Dey - August 27, 2014
If you are blogging you should use some useful online tools.  These tools will help you to work on what to write about, how to write and how to rank on Google. Also it will help you promote your content over the web with a lot of useful suggestions. Using keywords play a big role in ranking a website. You should concentrate working on your SEO aspects which play a big role in attracting audience towards your blog. 
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Online Tools

Here you go with your useful blogging tools for your blog. Click on the headings for each tools mentioned below to go to respective tool website.

You will need to have a Google AdWords account in order to use the Google Keyword Planner. If you don’t have one already, you can set one up here:

Google Keyword Planner - Google AdWords

Google Keyword Planner provides a rough figure which shows number of monthly searches for particular keywords in particular countries or worldwide.  In fact this is not 100% accurate but it will give you a good amount of organic traffic for any keyword combinations.

This is the best tool in my opinion as there are a lot of keyword research tools and, although you may use more than one, you will generally end up still using Google Keyword Planner.

2. Seologies :

Google analyzes your article to understand what it is about.  Earlier you had options to include the keywords you wanted multiple times within your blog post and it was helping your content to rank higher in Google.  But now, Google analyzes all your content and it is also important to have related terms within your content, and it’s not just about over populating your content with keywords.

Seologies analyzes your content and gives you a percentage rating based on the keywords you should have to rank in search engines.  It will suggest some ‘expert vocabulary’ that can be included in your content that will help improve the relevance with the keywords you are using within it.

One of the useful keyword research tools is  If you enter the keywords into this tool, it will show you hundreds of different, related, keyword combinations.  Even it will analyze and suggest you what Google thinks are related keywords by adding more keywords on to the existing keyword combination.

4. SEMRush :

SEMRush is another easy to use tool for keyword research. It crawls through Google search results and it pulls out the details where your competitors are ranking for keywords. It is also helpful in suggesting ideas for content. I prefer using this tool.

In case your competitor is ranking for particular keywords then you can also use those keywords in your content and try to get some of their traffic.

5.  HitTail :

HitTail analyzes your Google Webmaster Tools account and finds out the keywords that are driving traffic to your site. Later on it suggests some blog posts ideas you can write based on these.  Relevant keywords have the potential to drive good traffic to your site.

Suppose, Google sends you relevant traffic for some particular keywords but you don’t have a post based on those keywords. So in this case you will end up with less traffic. So obviously it makes sense that writing a blog post specifically based on those keywords will get you even more traffic.

It is a paid tool. If you want to go ahead and invest in an SEO tool then Raven Tools will be the best choice which is a compilation of SEO and social media tools all under a single platform.

Hope the above tools will help you find more audience for your blog. Use the tools properly so that the blog traffic will increase accordingly. 

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