How To Open Google Cached Pages

Posted By: Arin Dey - August 25, 2014
The giant search engine Google has an very useful feature and i.e. Google Cache. In case a website is down or its time consuming to reach that website then you can quickly retrieve the cached copy of that page from Google servers.

How To Open Google Cached Pages

Another great feature it offers is that Google Cache works in a similar fashion like a proxy server by allowing you to view pages that may be inaccessible from your current location. The “Cached” link provides an option by showing Instant Previews on the right hand side or a drop down selection option just as shown in the above screenshot. Cached links can be seen if you hover the mouse over a search result or select the down arrow button beside the link.

Sometimes it is very much required to access a cached version of a web page. In that case you can go to and type cache: in the search box. If Google sees that special “cache” string in the search box, it automatically transfers you to the cached copy of that particular page.
Google Cached Copy Of Web Page

Nowadays people are more keen in using Google Chrome. If you are a Chrome user then just type “cache:” before the URL in Chrome’s address bar and it goes straight to the cached version of that web page.

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