How To Download YouTube Videos

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 06, 2014
People do waste time in research to find out the ways to download their favourite YouTube videos. In-built Video Manager is the best option to download any YouTube videos. Lets see how it works. Follow the below simple way :

1. Login to YouTube, click your email address on the upper right corner
2. Select “Video Manager” from the menu.
3. Click on Edit button next to any YouTube video that you wish to download
4. Now choose "Download MP4" to download that video as an MPEG-4

How To Download YouTube Videos
How To Download High Resolution YouTube Videos

You can download all your YouTube videos in their original resolution. It might be HD or SD the downloaded files would be same as original. Below are the steps :
  1. Open 
  2. Now click the Create Archive button. 
  3. It will create a zipped archived with all the videos that you have ever uploaded to YouTube.
  4. Once it reaches 100%, now click on downloads tab to get the actual files. 
  5. If the archive is large, Google Takeout will split them into individual files.
There is no option to download individual video in high resolution. You have to create archive and download. Hope this small tutorial helps you to download your original videos.

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