How To Increase Traffic Using YouTube [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 10, 2014
Increasing traffic to a website has been always a challenging aspect. Now the internet is flooded by e-Commerce startups and services. Social media has been always helpful in increasing the blog traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube have played major roles in this aspects. Lets see in the below infographic how YouTube can help your website to get larger audience.

How To Increase Traffic Using YouTube [Infographic]

People watch videos for a variety of reasons. Most people (70%) are looking for educational content, such as DIY tips and tricks and tutorials. Some people (67%) visit YouTube for reviews of products they are interested in buying. And, some people (53%) turn to videos for inspiration or entertainment. Let's look at the infographic below for further break down.

Infographic: How to Increase Your eCommerce Traffic by 37% Using YouTube

Source : Osiaffiliate

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