Google Says Goodbye To Russia

Posted By: Arin Dey - December 23, 2014
The Russian parliament passed a bill that explains as of September 2016, foreign Internet companies can only store Russian users' data within the country's borders. As a result of a recent change, the date will be up to this coming January 1, 2015. Google will close down its engineering office, following other tech companies such as Adobe, which left the country in September.

Google Says Goodbye To Russia

Castellon says, "According to this law, Google would be a content provider that leverages the work of others. From our point of view, Google News, or any other aggregator, is a traffic-distribution mechanism that adds value to the user legitimately and ends in a loss of value on both sides of the table." 

Germany attempted to block Google in a similar manner last month. Google announced in a blog post that the service will be disabled and Spanish publishers will be removed from Google News on Tuesday

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