How To Add "Follow Me On Meerkat"

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 31, 2015
There's something new that live streaming app Meerkat is offering for its users. Meerkat launches a tool that will help users to generate a 'follow me on Meerkat' button which can be easily added to a website or a blog.

How To Add "Follow Me On Meerkat"

To use this tool, you will just have to follow the below steps :

1. Visit the page http://meerkatapp.co/social/buttons and enter your username, 

2. Select one of the two button styles- Small or Grande, 

3. Finally copy the code snippet that has been generated.

You can then paste the code snippet into your website’s CSS template or add it to the footer of your blog.

Now your fans will be able to follow your livestreams on Meerkat by simply clicking on this button. They can use the 'follow me on Meerkat' button only when they are logged into Twitter on their browser.

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