Watch How The Latest Facebook Video App 'Riff' Works

Posted By: Arin Dey - April 02, 2015
Facebook has launched a new video app called Riff. This feature is designed to let users create collaborative videos with their friends.

Facebook’s Product Manager Josh Miller announced on wednesday: “The potential pool of creative collaborators can grow exponentially from there, so a short video can become an inventive project between circles of friends you can share to Facebook or anywhere on the Internet.”

Watch How The Latest Facebook Video App 'Riff' Works

This app is quite simple to use. You can create a video and add some tags to it which your friends will be able to see and add more clips to it of their own. Once your friends have added clips, these will be seen by all their friends (friends of your friends) on facebook and they too can add videos to it giving it somewhat like a snowball effect. Each video can run upto 20 seconds and you will be able to fast forward it if it seems too lengthy. This feature does not allow you to like the videos or write any comments.

If any group of friends try to spoil your fun project then you can delete your clips and can report to the Company as well.

Riff is now available for both iOS and Android. The Company has also provided a sample showing how the feature works. You can watch it right here.

Video Credit : TechCrunch

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