Facebook Launches New AI Research Lab in France

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 08, 2015
Facebook is opening a new artificial intelligence (AI) lab in France. After its two labs within country, this would be the third AI lab to be opened by the company outside home country. The first two centers are located in the U.S., while the third will be in Paris.

Facebook Paris team will be put to work on long-term research projects in image recognition, natural language processing and speech recognition as well as the types of physical and logical infrastructure necessary to run such AI systems.

Facebook Launches New AI Research Lab in France

“It’s our hope that this research will ultimately help us make services like News Feed, photos and search even better and enable an entirely new set of ways to connect and share,” Facebook said in a blog post.

“Our work in AI research is still relatively early. But we’ve built a terrific team and have already made some encouraging progress, and we’re excited to see where this work takes us and what it will allow us to build for the people we serve.”

Paris was chosen as the location for the new facility because France has some of the best researchers in the world. The company said it planned to invest in the AI research community both in France and across the European Union.

So far, Facebook has collaborated with INRIA, a leading research institute in Paris, on its AI research.

Facebook said it believes such openness to working with others “ultimately spurs more innovation, encourages collaboration and mutual review, and helps us all move faster.

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