iPhone 6S To Get '3D Touch Display' And More

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 09, 2015
Apple’s new iPhone 6S smartphones will launch today i.e. September 9 in San Francisco. Let's see what are new features that iPhones from Apple will offer and what could be probable expectations after this grand launch.

iPhone 6S To Get '3D Touch' Force Touch Interface

Few features are coming to iPhone 6S like :

3D Force Touch

As per the 9to5Mac report, the Force Touch on the iPhone 6S will be called “3D Touch Display” as it can differentiate between three levels of pressure; “tap, press, and a deeper press.” The Force Touch on the new iPhone 6S will be the next-gen version of what Apple has already shown on their Apple Watch.

Upgraded 2GB RAM 

The new iPhone 6S will finally be upgraded to 2GB which is much awaited since years. But this will be hard to confirm as Apple never reveals the RAM at the launch event and more importantly the 2GB rumours/wishlist has been around for some time

Faster LTE 

Apple iPhone 6S will equipped with a “new Qualcomm-made LTE chip” which can deliver twice the LTE speeds of the current iPhones.


Another rumor which came to news that the iPhone 6S camera will finally get an upgrade from 8 megapixels to a 12 megapixels camera.


Apple will use a new “grade of aluminium” instead of its patent gold color which is really a must watch look for iPhone 6S.

And more..

Apple TV, iPad Pro and more Apple is not only expected to launch the iPhone 6S devices, but also the new Apple TV product.

Lets see how the new iPhones hit the market and accepted by its huge fan followers and users.

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