Apple To Introduce Wireless Charging In 2017

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 31, 2016

Apple will debut in the field of wireless charging technology for its mobile devices, according to a latest update. In case, Apple is able to successfully introduce this feature to its devices then it will certainly give it a heads up and obviously a challenge for its competitors. this will make iPhones and iPads more attractive in the mobile market. Samsung and Google have both come up with wireless-charged Smartphones. In this technology the devices have to be kept close to a charging plate because, the further away the device is, the more difficult it is for the battery to be recharged. Now we have to see how Apple will fix this issue.

Apple To Introduce Wireless Charging In 2017

Apple posted its quarterly results this week, said its iPhone sales, while strong thus far, remain flat while iPad sales have dropped. The company predicted it will see a decline in sales in the coming quarter for the first time in 13 years due to a market saturated mainly by android mobile devices. 

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