Is Snapchat The Next Important Social Platform?

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 28, 2016
Much like how Google, Twitter, and Facebook are getting into the news and publishing game with efforts such as “Instant Articles,” Snapchat has brought its own network of media partners to the table to compete. Snapchat’s “Discover” is a section of the platform reserved for select media companies such as BuzzFeed, Vice, CNN, National Geographic, and others. Daily Mail US CEO, Jon Steinberg, reported that the company’s Snapchat channels received, “hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers each day.”

Is Snapchat The Next Important Social Platform?

Break free the habit of joining social networks only after they have been overrun by brands and marketers. Now is the time to seize the opportunity that Snapchat provides by becoming an early adopter and claiming your stake before the channel becomes overly crowded and noisy. The site is still largely devoid of corporate presences, so your chances of success are much higher now than they will be in the years, or months, to come.

So, is your brand on Snapchat?

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