Google Launches Messaging App Allo For Android & iOS

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 24, 2016
Google has launched Allo for Android and iPhone, which will offer users its artificial intelligence-based cross-platform smart messaging solution. In May 2016 at Google IO conference, Google announced Allo and a new video chatting app called Duo that has been released to the public since a month more. But instantly after Allo's release, it became controversial, got critics charged, such as Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many others. Google already had at least two messaging solutions of its own, Hangouts, which is cross-platform, and the Messages app in Android. The most used messaging apps like Apple’s iMessage and Facebook Messenger, have changed dramatically over the past few months. These apps, primarily designed for simple conversation, are gradually evolving into platforms for more complex messaging and other added features also.

Google Launches Messaging App Allo For Android & iOS

Google stated that their new effort "Allo" is a modern messaging platform, backed by artificial intelligence. And like other smart messaging solutions, it is aimed at a growing generation of users who are ignoring old-fashioned communications solutions like email in favor of more personal, immediate, and private ways to reach out to others. Google’s Amit Fulay says, “Google Allo can help you make plans, find information, and express yourself more easily in chat and the more you use it, the more it improves over time.”

How to use Google Allo:

Here is how you can use Allo app for messaging and  other purposes. The below video from The Verge will help you know how.

Allo’s biggest asset is its integration with Google Assistant, the company’s conversational new virtual aid that can answer questions and make suggestions. Allo offers two ways to interact with Google Assistant. In a messaging thread, typing the trigger phrase “@google” will tell the assistant to pay attention to the next string of text you type so that it can answer your query. When making plans with a friend, you might type something like, “@google Show me movie times near me?” to display upcoming showings. You can also chat with Google Assistant one-on-one to ask it questions, set alarms, tell jokes, find news, and remember information like hotel room numbers, among other things.

That doesn’t help position Allo against Hangouts and Google Messages, of course. For now, Google claims that Hangouts will be repositioned as a messaging/video conferencing solution for businesses. I don’t buy that: If Allo matures into the product Google envisions, it will replace Hangouts for both individuals and businesses. And Hangouts will simply disappear. 

Many reviewers have criticized Google for not activating this functionality by default, as Apple does with iMessage. Google also stores your Allo conversation history, even though it said it wouldn’t look at your messages when it initially unveiled the app, as The Verge noted. (Google says it does this in order to improve its service, but the company’s advertising-based business model is built around knowing as much about its users as possible.)

Let's see how users are getting addicted to it like other rival apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage etc. 

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