One-Tap, Video and App Promoted Pins For Pinterest

Posted By: Arin Dey - November 02, 2016
Pinterest has recently announced three innovative ways to advertise product or services on its platform: One-Tap, Video Pins and app Promoted Pins. Please find below the new pin line-up options.

1. One-Tap Pins

With the option for one-tap Pin in your feed, you will be taken directly to the site it came from. 

Pinterest blog reveals that “We’ve only just started showing these Pins on Pinterest, but people already seem to be loving how much easier it is to get right to the products they’re looking for almost twice as many Pinners are finding items to buy through these new Pins.”

2. Video Pins

Video Pins will be available for viewing right on Pinterest. So you don't have to click a link to take you to another site to watch the video. There is also a selection of ideas related to the video to give you more product and information options.

3. App Pins

Lastly, with the option Promoted app Pins that “make it easier for you to find out about the apps and app-makers you want to hear about most.” The pins are directly linked to the store so you can download the app for immediate use.

As of now, Promoted Pins have only been available to U.S. businesses and it has recently launched for businesses in the U.K. as well. Pinterest said they are coming to “even more parts of the world very soon.”

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