Social Media Comparison [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 20, 2017
Social media platforms have been popular since few years now. It would be nice to come up with an infographic that breaks down each of the most popular social outlets demonstrating advantages of each and how they can be best utilized. Let us see how to best leverage each platform with this social media comparison infographic.
Social Media Comparison
  • 70 million users
  • Social site that is all about discovery
  • Largest opportunities are in decor, crafts/diy, cooking, health, and fashion
  • Users are 20% male and 80% female

  • 289 million active users
  • Micro blogging social site that limits posts to 140 characters
  • Largest penetration in the US but spreading slowly and steadily
  • 9,100 tweets happen every second

  • 1.5 billion monthly active users
  • Mobile is Facebook’s cash cow – 1.31 monthly active mobile users
  • Mobile ad revenue makes up 76% of all ad revenue ($2.9 billion in Q2 of 2015)
  • Users share 1 million links every 20 minutes

  • 300 million active users
  • Social sharing site all around pictures and now 15 second videos
  • Many brands are participating through the use of hashtags and posting pictures consumers can relate to
  • Most followed brand Nike

  • 300 million active users
  • Social network built by Google that allows for brands and users to build circles
  • Not as many brands active but the ones that are tend to be a good fit with a great following
  • Hangouts and Photos have been separated from Google+ but posts remain as ‘streams’

  • 380 million users worldwide
  • Business oriented social networking site
  • Brands that are participating are corporate brands giving potential and current associates a place to network and connect
  • 79% of users are 35 or older

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