Essential WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - November 07, 2019
The wonder that is WordPress has not ceased to amaze the millions of people and businesses who have been using it. Offering you a range of features, ample WordPress plugins, and a wide variety of themes to build a website of your choice, the popularity of this CMS is increasing with every hour. However, no matter what CMS platform you are using (or have used) to build a blog/website, if you are not looking after its upkeep and maintenance, you are bound to suffer huge losses.

One of the most important tasks that all website owners need to undertake, without failing, is website maintenance. A well-maintained website helps you garner traffic while reducing the bounce rate. It helps you to increase rankings on the search result while improving the click-through-rate. More importantly, it protects your site from malicious cyber threats. Thus, ensuring that your website’s data and customer information is safe at all times.

A website without maintenance can fall into disarray, and fixing this, would require more resources than maintaining it would have required, in the first place. This can affect your brand’s credibility, which would ultimately hurt your bottom line.

One of the best things about WordPress, just like with everything else, it makes maintaining a website easy too. There are ample plugins that can help keep your site up-to-date, thus ensuring your site performs and functions optimally consistently. The below infographic offers you an overview of the essential website maintenance tasks that you need to undertake. Thus, check out this WordPress maintenance infographic now and make the most of it!


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