How To Build Autoblogging Network

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 21, 2011
Autoblogging is widely heard term since few years as a source of money making via blogging. Professional bloggers do earn money by writing articles on a regular basis and posts on their own blog. As per as the regularity is concerned sometimes it is really quite feasible to write daily and post regularly on blogs. Even earning money from one or more blogs also seems to be difficult with affiliate marketing or from Google AdSense. We definitely should have a better understanding about how to create a blog.

How To Build Autoblogging Network

Nowadays bloggers have an option to hire a blog editor for this editing task whereas the survey report doesn't reflect that it is a better and effective way to earn via those editing tasks by them.

What is Autoblogging ?

Autoblogging is not a blog about cars whereas an “auto blog” does mean exactly that. Autoblogging is a term we use to describe automated blogs and automated blogging. It means that instead of the usual method of writing the content yourself, or pasting articles in sites manually, you can actually automate the content and linking for your blogs. It basically requires correct mindset, the correct method and the correct tools. On the other hand, there is auto blogging plugins available which can do this job for your site. Most known plugin like Auto blogging WordPress plugin will publish content regularly for selected niche not only this one in fact there are a lot of plugins available on web.

How does it work and the make money ?

The concept Autoblogging is not new term fr bloggers but the methods and tools keep changing with evolving information technology trends. So better to use some affiliate marketing technique to earn money from your autoblogging as well as you have approved Google AdSense account to earn money.

Autoblogging plugins software can grab RSS feeds and automatically embed YouTube videos and product, service reviews from amazon or affiliate market network, which will help to build networks having specific niche and type.

Autoblogging can be considered as the easiest and quick way to get free traffic without much worrying about SEO and frequent writing articles on blogs network. You can monetize your auto blog with AdSence, Chitika, AdBrite, Amazon, Ebay associates and other networks like infolinks as an addition to Google AdSense, buyandsell ads etc. The tools are very much useful to build a network. We have discussed about those tools below.

How to form the network?

When we want to build a network of particular niche / keywords using autoblogging software then it becomes relatively easy. But you should have some technical knowledge so you will feel that autoblogging network is easier and there are thousands things you can think of for an Autoblog network. Similarly you can try and apply some technique as you work on autoblogging.

What are Autoblogging tools?

1. You should create and manage more than one blogs at the same time. Therefore, you need webhosting, better go for VPS (Virtual Private Server) that can handle many domains and individual accounts for each blog that you have.

2. One of the most important tools is an “RSS feed aggregator” like or other similar software. Make use of it.

3. We should plan properly when we try to build a Autoblog network and also a couple of simple and regular instructions should be done over and over again. Autoblogs can publish content in several ways out of which the most common way is using a wordpress plugin like WP Answers. Basically the idea behind is that if you want to expand your blog’s traffic exponentially, you will need a language translator script installed on your Autoblogs so that the script can instantly increase your traffic and make more money resulting boost of earnings without any extra work on your part.

4. Most importantly, you should have a social bookmarking script that automatically submits your new blog posts to social bookmarking sites like RSS Grafiti in Facebook. It is always a great idea that you posts regularly to social networking sites to get your blogs indexed and ranked in the search engines in better and effective way.

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