How To Manage Multiple Blogs Effectively

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 19, 2011
Well! If you are planning to start multiple blogs besides your one and only owned blog then–this post will help you in managing multiple blogs. May be as of now you are focusing on a single blog but if you start some new blog then that will gain some more interest for you introducing some new topics especially featuring exposure, credibility, recognition, and increased revenue.This is the usual thing for a blogger. 
In this post we will be discussing about managing multiple blogs without getting confused among them that which one to mange and when. Some of the mostly practiced tips are explained here to help you manage multiple blogs.
How To Manage Multiple Blogs Effectively

The following 10 tips and suggestions would be taken as normal practice for your blogging in reaching your goal.

1. Should be Realistic/Responsible in managing multiple blogs

Here  this decision will be solely taken by you as only you know when and how much time and effort you can give to your blogs with your day to day schedule.

We can line up some quick tips for you: 
a) amount of time you have for blogging,
b) writing style and speed,
c) regular update on each blog. 

What we always suggest that better go for a new first blog and on success of that start a second one. And gradually with the 2 blogs if time permits then continue adding another one. But only opening a new blog will not get a good response from web unless you concentrate, spend time and keep regular updates on it.

2. Blog niche - Selecting the right one 

This is the most important thing you should consider when opening a new blog. A lot of bloggers are mostly confused when they start a blog and consider a lot of things which include mainly the market demand. But we suggest you to go by your choice of interest and expertise on that. This will make your job easier because you have the capability as well as interest on that topic.
Here we must share some experience of building, we are basically concentrating on technology blogging  moreover the time we would like to gain tech news, updates, gadgets reviews, how-to guides & docs  and related events on internet. We started our blogs with multiple topics and tips and tricks in blogging, money making ideas and social media.

So once the bloggers started the blog they come to know about their interest and passion as time grows because time is the only thing which makes you realize the real fact. From multiple topics they choose their niche of blog. As a summary, if you write on the topics that you know well can also save time so that you can get engaged yourself in spending on research and attempting to know unfamiliar subjects that might become your niche of interest. 

3. List of  post topics for your multiple blogs 

This is actually on the basis of your blog's success on the area in which you have to keep ready with the new topics. Say, if your tech blog is getting much appreciation then you should research on that and you should get ready with the latest and unique posts which will be posted in future. Based on visitor's interest try new approaches to keep you blog fresh for both yourself and your readers. Moreover don't write a topic which will not be for any interest so whenever an idea strikes your mind note it down and write on it. 

4. Schedule your posting for each blog 

Know the frequency of your posting and based on that schedule it. Make a to-do list for each day in a week, which will keep you busy working on your blogs on regular basis rather than burdening on specific day, say: in weekend. It would be a great idea to create a writing schedule that will allow you to complete the desired posts with sufficient time to spare to keep you flexible in managing time.

5. Innovative and creative writing style

You should write on specific topics which will be unique, creative, and innovative. Moreover we can say that sometimes tech related topics become common but you should write it from your point of understanding. Never start writing apart from your niche and never force yourself to write on a topic just for the sake of posting an article. Write whenever you feel interested, inspired so your writing will be almost effortless and effective. Make the most of that interest by turning it to an opportunity to write an extra post or two everyday, which will boost up your interest for writing in your niche. Here you can get some extra posts at the end of each week, which will definitely motivate you writing some more.

6. Allow Guest Bloggers to post in your blog 

This practice is now widely followed and other bloggers will welcome the opportunity to write a post for your blog. We would suggest to do this free as in return of this,you will get some back-links to their own blogs, and also you can offer AdSense revenue sharing program to them, which will be some added interest for them too. Always take advantage of new guest bloggers.

7. Blog Editor's suggestions

You can hire some blog editor for your blog as they would love to work on reasonable rate. And once your blogs is established and your blog monetizes then you will be able to hire a Blog Editor from your income to manage your multiple blogs.

8. Form a network with co-Bloggers 

Try to explore the opportunity working with some regular co-bloggers who can share some of the responsibility for keeping your blogs updated on regular basis even if you are on vacation. You can offer a percentage of your Google AdSense ad revenues shares or in return write for the blogger's blog.

9. Have a single hosting account

Always have a single hosting account and host all your blogs in it. This will minimize your effort for opening multiple hosting accounts individually and managing each and every blog hosted on it.

10. Prioritize you blog

Make sure to prioritize your most important post get posted first. Because  that will be a milestone for your blogging and will boost up the numbers of readers.

Gradually you will be learning more and more on how to manager multiple blogs once you have multiple blogs and you have to maintain them as well.

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