How To Migrate From Blogger to WordPress

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 19, 2011
When it comes to SEO implementation on your blog, we can't say that blogger is the best blogging platform. Blogger can be an option for spammer to create dummy pages for marketing purpose and also it has multiple limitations associated with it.  Blogger is staying behind the CMS (Content Management System) because it doesn't have that much support-ability of expert level compared WordPress for CMS on web.

Hence we have to acknowledge that WordPress is the best, most used and popular CMS. WordPress won several best CMS awards also. It is much more secured than Google's blogger. These are some reasons for which people are shifting their blogs from Blogger to WordPress because WordPress offers great support from the community. The main advantage using WordPress is that it offers lots of plugins to manage your blog and WordPress is therefor considered as the pioneer in the Blog-sphere.

How To Migrate From Blogger to WordPress
The first question comes here is that how you can transfer your Blogger blogs to WordPress? No worries. The answer is very simple. We will be guiding you explaining step by step process so that you can easily migrate or import your Blogger blogs to a WordPress. You will do it without any issues. 

Here are the steps to move from Blogger to WordPress

1. What to do with Blogger blogs ? (Assuming that you are using latest Blogger interface)

a) Log in to your Blogger account 

b) From Dashboard go to Settings -> Others .

c) Here you will find the option Blog Tools 

d) Blog Tools has three options :  Import Blog, Export Blog & Delete Blog 

e) Now click on Export Blog Link. You will get a box like the below figure.

f) This option is used to transfer the current blog to another Blog URL 

g) Now click on “Download Blog” button, it will ask you to save an .xml file with the current backup of the blog. 

In a summarized way we can say: Login into BlogSpot Blog> Settings > Others > Blog Tools > Click on Export Blog> Download .xml file.

2. What to do in WordPress Blog ?

a) Log in to WordPress Blog
b) From Dashboard go to Tools Section
c) Check for the option Import. Now click on this option.
d) Import Option will give you the number of options. From them, you have to select only the first option, i.e., Blogger) Now click on Blogger where it displays the message like below:

The first thing you need to do is tell Blogger to let WordPress access your account. You will be sent back here after providing authorization.”

This importer allows you to import posts and comments from your Blogger account into your WordPress blog.To use this importer, you must have a Google account and an upgraded (New, was Beta) blog hosted on or a custom domain (not FTP).

f) You will find now the authorize button. Click on that button and this option asks Blogger to grant authorization and permit WordPress to access your account.

g) Click on Grant Access Button and sign in to your Blogger account.h) When you grant access it will import all your Blogger's posts and transferred to WordPress account blog.

3. Changing the URL (ATTENTION required in this step) :

The main issue here is that the images hosted on blogspot blog cannot be imported on WordPress blog. So to do this:

a) Login to your WordPress Admin Panel and go to Settings.

b) After clicking on “Settings Option”, it will display a set of options. In this options list you have to click only on “Permalinks”

c) When you select Permalinks Option you will see number of sub-options. In this list you have to select “Custom” and then type the following line
d) In this step we match the post structure of your Blogger blog

e) It basically minimizes the number of broken links and redirects.

f) Now go to Blogger account blog back. Click on settings.

g) Under Settings select Basic -> Publishing and click on the Blog Address -> Edit -> Advanced settings.

h) Now in the domain field, type your new domain, i.e., and save it.

i) It will transfer the links automatically to your own domain.

j) In Blogger blog, go to Layout

k) Now click on the option “Edit HTML”. Add the following code anywhere after section:
<meta content='0; url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>
l) It will send the visitors to your blog homepage directly i.e. to your new URL.

m) This is considered as one of the safest methods of redirection in Search Engine Optimization

n) Finally the above change in URL structure shows a warning page that you are taking all to another domain. Continue here.

IMPORTANT : After successful migration, remember to delete your old blog from Blogger to prevent from content duplicity.

Below is a  step by step video from Amit Agarwal of Labnol. This video will guide you to move from Blogger to WordPress platform.

In this process you can also use 301 Redirects to Fix your Broken links. Here you have done migration successfully from Blogger to WordPress blogs. Now you can give your blog a wonderful and catchy look. Let us know if you face any issue while doing this process and also share your experience.

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