How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Posted By: Poketors - September 30, 2011
As Facebook is a widely used open social networking site and has a gradually growing member everyday, sometimes for some members it seems to be essential to delete the Facebook account due to re-occurring account hacking or some irritating activities done by the connected friends. If you disable your Facebook account for a short period then also there is a chance to be get hacked. Most of these users do search for a solution to get rid of these kind of unwanted activities. Actually there is no direct link which can be used to delete Facebook in a second. Here are some steps which can be followed to delete Facebook account permanently.

Following are the steps before deleting the Facebook account:
1. Nowadays a lot of websites links are associated with the Facebook account so it is better idea to to delete all those websites links from your Facebook profile page. Otherwise you can't delete your account.2. You need to delete your associated apps that uses your Facebook account.

For that
a) Login in to your account and click on App section in sidebar.
b) Delete every apps that is associated or connected with your f\Facebook profile. Else if somehow you use a connect site to log in with your Facebook information then the account deletion will be canceled and your account will be reactivated.
c) Finally you can delete your account permanently.

Delete/Remove link for facebook account :

How to Delete Facebook Account PermanentlyIf the above mentioned steps are followed completely then just Click Here and login to your Facebook account. Read the instruction and click on “Submit” button. Here, for security reason, you will be asked to enter password and a CAPTCHA image to enter. CAPTCHA images are used to protect from spams and verification of password to make sure you are the real owner of your account. 

Deletion of your Facebook account :

Confirm Facebook account deletionOnce you submit the request to delete the Facebook account please do not revisit your account else it will be reactivated. Immediately, you will receive an email saying that your account will be deleted in 14 days. 

Make sure that while deleting you should not get back your Facebook profile page by mistake like clicking on previous button or due to saved passwords and account info in browser. In this case it will be activated automatically.
Hope this article was helpful in deleting the Facebook account.

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