How To Increase Your Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers

Posted By: Poketors - October 01, 2011
When you want to publicize or market your blog, Facebook and Twitter become the key social media channels. Bloggers do create fan page in Facebook or a twitter follow page to get more likes and followers. And it has been a common question of most of the bloggers that how to increase twitter followers and Facebook fans. We were searching for some ways to get it and finally we found it. The site is called Twiends that will help blogs to get its fans and followers. Actually a lot of ways are there which can be used to increase your twitter followers and Facebook fans that you need to find out the best way that will be helpful for your blogs.

How To Increase Your Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers
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We will discuss here how can Twiends prove itself a very helpful tool to increase the Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

You can get Facebook likes and twitter followers with the site Twiends. And it has proved itself a good site to increase twitter followers and Facebook likes.

Here the Twiends works like -
1. Seed can be used to create incentive for people to check each other out. When you follow someone they will give you seeds. When they follow or like you, your seeds balance get deducted and vice versa .
2. Here no need to pay to get followers and fans likes to increase twitter or Facebook counts. Twiends basically uses seeds as an incentive that you spend, earn and buy to make your imagination.

Register with Twiends

Here we go. If you already have Facebook & Twitter account then no need to register on Twiends. Instead of registering you can opt for Twiends OAuth to login, so your twitter account automatically mapped.
When you allow Twiends to access your Twitter account, you allow people to follow you on twitter. Save it and click on that ‘Allow’ button.

How Twiends can help you to get more likes on Facebook

Here you have to add your page under settings of your account as shown in below screen where you can add the Facebook page.

If you want to increase Facebook likes list then you need to set the number of seeds a bit higher so you can get most Facebook fans likes faster.

How Twiends can help you to get more twitter followers

At same location under settings page, you will find your twitter profile link too.

If you don’t want to spend seeds on increasing followers then you can Turn Off the twitter linking.
Basically this tools helps in for mass follow and according to twitter rules and API over using of this tools seeds may harm your profile and may lead to deactivation.

Hope this post has helped you in setting up the seeds for Facebook & Twitter. You will be getting a good amount of Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers.

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