How To Hide From Facebook Chat

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 07, 2011
We can hide us by showing offline status to the certain friends in Facebook chat. It is very easy to do as you just you have to follow some simple steps but most of the persons don't know about that so here is the step to hide yourself in Facebook chat.

Firstly, log in to Facebook account. Most of the Facebook users enjoy in making friends with the old friends and strangers too  and chat with all of them. And no difference! I was also one of them. But at the starting but as time go by, and in the busy life it is impossible to talk every one who are in your friend list. But the problem arises when you are already chatting with one of your friend for any work and at the same time  then two or three friends say "Hello, how are you?" So giving no reply to them is also a bad manner and if you are replying with a word then obviously they will try to keep the conversation going on or tell some thing to you and till how much days you say that you are busy. Practically not possible to tell everybody. So the perfect solution is that hide your online status from Facebook chat with those persons.

Here are the steps :

1. Login to your Facebook Account and click and expand the chat menu.

2. From the chat menu click on Friend Lists (at top) and create a new list just type your list name and press enter. 

3. Say, you have created Block List, now you will see Block List in your Facebook chat option. 

4. Now move your mouse cursor to your Block List you will see edit option beside Block List. 

5. Click on edit and immediately a pop up window will come up. 

6. Now select the friends whom to show you are offline.

7. Done Selecting friends? Now click on Save List. 

8. Now your selected friend automatically moved from chat list to Block List but by default your Block List will be visible and your friends of your Block List will see you online. 

9. We need to show offline now. Hence if you want to show offline status to your Block List's friends, just go to Block List and you will see at the right side Go Offline click on it as shown in the below screenshot. 

10. Yes! done with hiding yourself from your Block List's friends. If in any case, you want to chat with them then simply click on Go Online again.

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