How To Import Facebook Contacts To Google+

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 01, 2011
Actually, there is no direct way to export Facebook contacts to G+ so we need to follow below steps to get all your Facebook contacts to Google+. Importing contacts to Facebook required to follow two steps. Facebook doesn't allow Gmail service to import their data. So we overcome this issue using yahoo service. If you don't have yahoo email address, please register and get an account on Yahoo! 

Anyway, let me explain it step by step process on how to go from Facebook contacts to Yahoo! till G+

1. Login to your yahoo email addresses and go to contacts tab.

2. Click on import contacts, you will be asked to provide options where you would like to import contacts like Facebook, GMail, Hotmail etc. You will get similar screen like below one. Click on Facebook icon to start importing contacts.
Completed with importing contacts to Yahoo? Good, then we are done importing the contacts.

3. Now all your contacts in Yahoo now, yahoo allow us to export those contacts to various format.

4. Now connect your G+ account to Yahoo account to import Facebook Contacts. Log in to your Google+ Account, and go to friend circle tab, Find friends under the 'Find people' (as below picture) and now connect to your Yahoo! account via Facebook login.

Done! Now all you Facebook contacts are now imported and accessible from Google plus service hence you could see the below connected message as well.

So, send request to the people, you want them on Google+.

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