How To Publish Your Blog Post To Facebook Fan Page Automatically

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 01, 2011
It is very easy to publish your blog posts to your Facebook profile or fan page automatically. Just you need to add an application to your Facebook account first. A lot of RSS applications are there to auto publish your blog’s content. These apps adds your RSS feeds, monitors for any update and publish it automatically to your Facebook profile and/or fan page so you don’t have to share your blog posts manually to your Facebook friends, everytime you update your blog. 

RSS Graffiti is widely used apps for this purpose in Facebook. We personally use and prefer this one and have added to our fan page. If you don’t have a fanpage on facebook yet, you can add this to your profile page as well. 

1. Sign in to

3. Choose your profile and/or fan page from left column and click green 

“+Add Feed” button on the right.

4. Put in your blog’s feed URL and put the source URL and other info.

Put in your blog’s feed URL and put the source URL and other info

Click Preview to confirm the link and to view how it will look like as an update status. 

5. Save it and we are done. 

That's it. Now you can publish a post in your blog, it will automatically publish to your Facebook profile page or fan page.

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