SOCL, A Hybrid Social Search Networking Effort By Microsoft

Posted By: Poketors - December 19, 2011
The very new entry to Social Media platform is made by socl, an effort by Microsoft and Microsoft calls it as a "social search", a hybrid social networking site which will provide the platform for the social media and a web search too. We can say that it is a site whcih mixes search, discovery, and a social network.

SOCL, A Hybrid Social Search Networking Effort By Microsoft
Image Credit : Microsoft
Initially the service offered Facebook and Twitter sign-in buttons, but little else was known about

Here are some features which attracts users to use it.

Tagging :

It relies heavily on tagging and allows users to identify topics they are interested in and receive social updates on those interests.

Video Party :

 Socl also has a video party feature that allows users to chat and view YouTube videos with their friends. This feature is really awesome.

Social Search :

This is an unique search criteria where you will search something and your friends will be able to see it and can make comments on it. Say, you are searching for a "Restaurant". So you searched with the string "Volt Restaurant" and this will ping the bing server and pulls some informative links which you can add to your post.

Design :

There is a three column layout, with basic navigation in the left rail, a social feed down the middle, and invites and video party options on the right. As usual, you can follow other friends, but you won't find any list-making tools. Core to the experience is the large search field at the top that asks, "What are you searching for?" effectively creating a new type of status update. You can also toggle the field to a traditional status update.

Limitations :

There are so many limitations as compared to other sites that we have on the web like Facebook and Twitter or G+. No private messages, no picture album, no @replies or even any "like" under comment option is there. Only ":)" is available below each and every post, which is similar like f-like in Facebook. As this is a research project of Microsoft and this is not yet publically released with various features, still it is under testing phase.

So as of now we can watch the development progress of this newly launched social search site. Hopefully we will get some amazing features with some of the already provided ones.

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