Top Apps For Olympics

Posted By: Poketors - August 04, 2012
The season is all about competitive spirit, sweaty brows, bruised ankles and desire to win. Yes, it's Olympics 2012 and our smartphones have ensured that we know all that's happening at the London Olympics this summer. Here are some cool apps that smartphone users can quickly download - most of them for free - and stay updated with the events.

London 2012 Results App - Android, iOS

This app has been designed to bring to you timely results of all the 36 sports at the ongoing Olympics and also 21 sports of Paralympics. It brings to the table everything that you would want to know such as live schedules, calendar schedule, medals and details of all the sports. The app facilitates viewing the daily schedule of the games and also setting reminders so that you don’t miss catching up on your favorite event. You can view details of all the participants, which include their current Olympic standing. You can specifically follow a particular country and receive news and updates tailored to your needs. Setting up notifications and alerts to keep you posted throughout the Games is a breeze with this app.

Top Apps For Olympics

Olympic Medal Alert - Android, iOS

This app brings to you all the action at Olympics 2012. The app instantly alerts when an Olympic medal is won by your favorite athlete, team or in your favorite sport. The app is simple to use, as you have to just choose events that you are interested in, and the countries you follow, to see the upcoming medal events. Once you have done so, simply enter your name and email address and/or mobile phone number, and specify whether you want to receive email or SMS/text alerts. Obviously, you can follow any number of teams, individuals, events, or sports. The app also can also send you a link to the website of the rights-holding broadcaster for your country so you can watch an Olympic sport online. 

Curly’s pocket guide to sports - iOS

Calling itself a perfect companion to the Olympics 2012, Curly’s pocket guide is here to explain all big sports, from cricket and golf to canoeing and gymnastics. There’s a neat illustrated card for each sport and 74 sports explained with complete rules and illustrations. You can also read some real life anecdotes from the sporting archives and some interesting facts. You can go ahead and share these facts on Twitter, Facebook and email. This is a very handy app sporting some cool graphics. Android users cannot lay their hands on this free app as it is currently available only for iOS users for $0.99 which is approximately 55.

Apps For Olympics

London 2012 Join In App - Android, iOS
This is the official London 2012 Join In app, quite handy for viewing competition listings. It also serves as a guide to events, celebrations and activities held during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The ‘My Games’ feature lets you bookmark your favorite events and also provides directions, weather updates, video tour of the facility and photos. Basically, it is to help you plan, enjoy and share your Games experience. This planning tool is for those are attending the events as well as those who aren’t. 

London 2012 Games News - Android
This app will keep you updated with all that's happening at the Olympics 2012. The app is available for free and as the name suggests, brings all the juicy news about sports, athletes and more. It allows you to view all the news under one roof, and also to follow the medals earned by your country. The app page says that it will offer some more features soon. However, the app is currently available only for Android users.

The Olympics 2012 began on July 27, and will run upto August 12 this year. Enjoy the games and do send in your feedback about these apps.

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