How To Add 125x125 Ad Slot To Your Blogger / Blogspot Blog

Posted By: Poketors - August 31, 2013
Sometimes bloggers wish to show their ads in small boxes instead of putting a large box of (300x250) which will occupy more space on your home page and will show only one ad. If you put four small boxes instead of the one large then you have the option to put 4 different ads. This can be done via CSS also but we have shown here a very easy way adding via HTML codes. Lets see how it works. here are the steps do it.
Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard and click on "Layout" section. 

Step 2 : Now click on "Add a Gadget" -> select it as "HTML/JavaScript". Copy paste the below code.
<center><table border="0"><tr>
<th width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></th>
<th width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></th>
<td width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></td>
<td width="126" height="126" align="center"><img src=""/></td>
Note : Here the code with "<th.." is used for columns (here two columns) and  the code with "<td.." is used for rows (here two rows).

Step 3 : Replace the example image URL with your advertiser image URL or affiliate marketers image URL.

Step 4 : Put 3 Ads space with your affiliates ads and keep one space showing "Advertise Here" for new advertiser so that advertiser can come to your blog with offers for their ads.

It is always advisable that we should keep at least one box for new advertisers because depending on your niche some advertisers may approach you with their ads and you can provide them the quote for your page space and location. So fix a price for ad slots available in your site and share the rates with advertisers.

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