How To Find Who Deleted You On Facebook

Posted By: Poketors - August 26, 2013
Getting connected in Facebook is very easy as we just have to send friend request to the person we know and once they accept, their names come in our friend list. We add people to get in touch with them and to know them better. We find so many friends from whom we can learn something. We normally don't track how many friends we have now and the total number after a month. In that time some friends might have closed their account or someone might have deleted you from their friends list due to some reason. In this case how will you find the people who deleted you?
How To Find Who Deleted You On Facebook
There is a website which helps us to find who deleted us. Who.Deleted.Me is the website where you can login via Facebook credential and check the friends deleted you.
It asks for permission. Accept and allow the application to connect to your Facebook profile. Once it is over, you will find the app installed in your Facebook profile. It offers stats and graph, which shows how your friend number graph increased or decreased over the time as shown in the below graph.
Who.Deleted.Me Graph
From this graph you can get to know the statistics also organized via day, week, month etc. Who.Deleted.Me website can be used free of cost. An Apple iOS app is also available in iTunes with $0.99 and this app keeps track of your friendships and lets you know who and when someone unfriends.
Who.Deleted.Me iOS App

Hope you have tried this and got to know some friends who deleted you. 

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