How To Get More Pinterest Followers

Posted By: Poketors - August 27, 2013
If you want to draw attention of viewers to your social networking profiles, blogs or websites resulting a huge number of viewers' engagement and drive traffic to your blog or website, then Pinterest is a great media by which you can promote your profile or website. You can create a profile page for followers in Pinterest like we have for our site Poketors.

As much as you get Pinterest followers the chances for getting more likes, repins, comments, clicks and impressions increase. It will definitely help you to drive traffic and frame your Pinterest brand page with more engagement with customers.

We have summarized some tips for getting more Pinterest followers :

1. Use Pinterest Follow Button :

Use Pinterest follow button at several positions in your blog or website. You may place the button on the top or side bar of the page so that readers can view this and can share easily on their Pinterest profiles. People can find your brand page easily  and they can repin your website images resulting an increase of followers.

You can create a button from Pinterest widget builder page or you have an option for creating a custom button with matching to your brand. page.

2. Use Profile Widget :

Like follow button, the profile widget is also helpful to attract more visitors to your Pinterest page. The widget is bigger in size holding 30 latest pins and effective than follow button.  You can get the profile widget for your blog.
3. Share On Pinterest :

Try to share important images embedded in your post so that viewers can follow each and every post that you publish. So pin a lot of images to obtain a good number of followers. once you start pinning the images people will repin them and in this way your pin will get circulated over Pinterest network resulting maximizing visitors for your site. But keep in mind one thing that the pins should be relevant to the posts and informative and useful.

4.  Comment On Pins :

Always follow informative and useful pins and read the descriptions of the image; after that post some meaningful comment on those pins. You have to give a link over there so that people can know your website also that you are interested on those related topics and people will start following you.

5. Mention Others While Pinning :

If you think that some person or individual can be mentioned in your comment or post, do it. This would increase your interaction with other viewers and followers.

6. Connect To Social Networks :

Pinterest gives you the option where you can connect to your Facebook and Twitter Profiles engaging all the friends connected to both the social networks. Display your Pinterest activity on your Facebook Timeline and tweet your pins ensuring the followers can follow them.

7. Find Friends From Other Sources :

From the option on the right hand top side on Pinterest home page, you can use the "Find Friends" features to search friends from other social networking sites and convert to followers on Pinterest.

8. Pinterest Board Promotion : 

People prefer following boards rather than individual profile. They are only interested in your posts or pins so try to promote your board itself. Ensure that you are sharing some popular board over Pinterest network to gain more followers.

9. Board Owner Connection And Contribution :

try to contribute to other popular boards so that the followers of that board can follow your pins and become your regular visitors. Keep a healthy relationship with the board owners.

10. Follow Followers :

Always keep following the followers so that they can easily follow your pins and can be connected with you. No need following up the non-followers as they won't be helping you to gain visitors. From Boards, Pinner options choose a plan to follow and begin following. Make sure to follow 100 people per day so that they can follow you back. Keep eye on them and  continue following the ones who have followed you back. Remember one thing that you have to follow the people who have similar niche.

11. One Topic Per Board : 

Ensure that you have created a "board with a topic" where only the pins related to that topic will be there. Don't mix up with other irrelevant pins.

12. Organize all the boards :  

Keep industry relevant ones at the top. It needs to flow also should be clear to your followers to follow them. Don't create more boards else it will prevent people from following all your boards.

13. Eye Catchy Board Cover : 

Use a eye-catching cover on board and change out board cover photos regularly to attract followers.

14. Don't Share Everything :

Keep some pins unveiled and keep posting them in regular intervals. If you want to feed your followers with all at a time then followers may miss your pins and overlook it. So give interval and use tool like Curalate for scheduling the pinning.

15. Arrange Contest :

To engage your followers always run some contests so that your followers can take part in that contest. Arrange a entry based or use Rafflecopter to giveaway to the followers.

Hope the above tips help you to get more followers. If you have some more tips we would welcome you to comment the same.

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