How To Make Money With Pinterest And Other Sources

Posted By: Poketors - August 13, 2013
Have you ever thought of making your pinterest account a source of making money? Pinterest is very much popular and has a very high traffic/viewers. We will discuss the way how you can make money with Pinterest easily.

How To Make Money With Pinterest And Other Sources
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Before you start working on Pinterest profile, make sure the following things are taken care :

1. Need Website :

First and foremost thing is that you should have a landing page i.e. your own blog/website. The reason behind is that it will explore the way for making money online and if the site is verified with Pinterest then there is no chance of getting banned from Pinterest.

Now the question is : How do you start your blog? Most of the people think that it is difficult and time consuming process to create a blog/website and creating pages.  But this concept is wrong as nowadays it takes hardly time to create one and moreover it is free. So start with blogging platform like - Blogger or WordPress for your first free blog. 

Now buy a domain name like domain.com or domain.net as from Blogger and WordPress you will get subdomain.blogger.com or subdomain.wordpress.com. The first level domain name gives you proper remember-able name and easy to float on search engines.

You can get the domain name from the best domain name registration provider GoDaddy for 34% off.

2. Have Website, Monetize It :

Once you have a website, you can go for best plan for WordPress with hosting from Dreamhost, which enables you faster and almost zero downtime website resulting more income. Choose a eye catchy theme for your WordPress Blog.

There are some best books/documents available over net provided below, which are very much useful in understanding how to monetize your blog via Pinterest. 

Presently Amazon is having good offers on books for "Guide to Money Making with Pinterest" as follows:
3. Monetize From Ads :

We all know about Google AdSense and it  is the very familiar name for pre-bloggers who start monetizing their blog for first time with AdSense.

Other than AdSense there are several alternatives too like : 

BidVertiser - Advertising  with minimum payout just $10 to your PayPal account.

If you blog's page views are more, but no clicks on ads use programs like:

CPMfun - Paying for ads views not clicks.

4. Monetize From Email List or Affiliate Marketing :

Hope you are getting good amount of email subscribers for your blog posts and it this is the case then make use of it and start GIVEAWAY campaign by distributing some gift like eBook, Tutorials or Videos etc. 
Affiliate Marketing
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Some well known affiliate websites are : 
5. Start promoting Pins and increase sales :

Once you have some good numbers of Pinterest followers then start sharing and pinning among you and your followers, which is in fact a very good practice.

This is a great source of income. If you really want to sell your service and want some place where you do do that then we recommend Fiverr.

6.  Some Other Source Of Income :

Several other affiliates programs are there which can increase your take home amount but it is slow and tiring job. Some are the websites listed below for micro works :

Making Money Uploading Images:
Making Money Shrinking URLs:
Make money Sharing links:
Making Money Uploading Files:
You can also monetize your own videos. Find out how can you make more money with it.

Hope the above article is useful in making your Pinterest account an income source with other ways to monetize your blog.

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