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How To Boost Your Affiliate Programs In This Holiday Season

Posted By: Arin Dey - December 23, 2014
Affiliate program is always a good source of income for a lot of webmasters and bloggers. So the effort should also be  prepared for the holiday season to make most of this high-traffic time.

How To Boost Your Affiliate Programs In This Holiday Season

You can follow the below mentioned rules which can be considered while working with affiliate program offerings.

1. Inform Affiliates : You can inform affiliates about promotions prior to the offer as it will be easy and also possible for affiliates to promote your brand.

2. Trusting Affiliates : If you trust your affiliate then it will be good for your online deals. Suppose the promotion is confidential, give affiliates some general information and provide specific codes and details as key dates approach.

3. Encourage Affiliates : You can encourage the affiliates to show up ads for their visitors with special sale messaging at the appropriate times and will revert back to evergreen messaging once the sale is over.

4. Offering incentives/bonuses  : You can inform your affiliates that you will provide some incentives or bonuses for hitting sales thresholds that encourage affiliates to promote your holiday offers.

5. Competitive sale offer : In holiday seasons the offers must be different from other times in the year. These offers should be competitive enough to other brands offerings.

6. Sufficient Affiliate Account Funds : let your affiliates ensure you that they have sufficient funds to project your offers for sale.

7. Online shopping : Online shopping ensures continuous offers from online stores which will never stop after Cyber Monday. There should be separate messaging to last through the whole holiday season.

8. Provide Affiliates Product Offerings : You should educate the affiliates for promoting the most important products of the season. Affiliates love hearing about best-selling products and other high converters in online market.

9. Category Based Product Promotion : Never forget to promote specific products which may bring large sales. even it is found that more specific offers are more effective at catching the eyes of specific buyers.

10. Don’t Show Site Updates : Before big shopping periods, try avoiding site updates. It will be painful if new updates turned into big glitches during a time of heavy online shopping time.

11. Track Your Affiliates :  In case it doesn’t work as it should, you could lose affiliates forever when they see that they didn’t convert as they’d expect. Its always recommended to track the affiliates.

12. Offer free shipping and free returns : You should always set yourself apart from the pack while sharing your offerings over online store. It is the season of giving, after all.

Another very important thing to remember is that while there are specific days over the course of the next few weeks set for shopping activity, your affiliate plan should last through to the New Year to ensure that it’s a holiday hit and it will continue its ongoing deals.


Affiliate Marketing - In-House Vs Outsourced [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - October 04, 2013
Affiliate Marketing enables publishers to create a mutually beneficial relationship. The publishers always help the merchant by promoting their product and services. In return, the merchant pays a commission on sales and leads. 

Affiliate Marketing - In-House Vs Outsourced [Infographic]

But here the question is which one is better? In-House or Outsource Affiliate Marketin? Lets find out in the below infographic.

Source : Consortemarketing


How To Choose Affiliate Program

Posted By: Poketors - August 28, 2013
If you have a blog or website, we assume that you are running Google AdSense to monetize it. What about the option where you can ensure some extra income? Sounds great! There are a lot affiliate marketing programs available over the net but out of thousands of affiliates which one you should choose for your blog. You may get confused seeing all the affiliates available over net and hence it is required to study a lot before choosing any program.
How to choose affiliate program

We have summarized some important points which we should keep in mind before choosing affiliate :

1. Choose Your Niche &  Relevancy  : 

Choose your affiliate according to your blog niche. If your blog niche is  based on technology with hosting information then go for some affiliate programs who serve web hosting only.  Do not promote any other niche affiliate program. So before joining any program check whether it is relevant to your website content or not.

2. Good Reputation, Trustworthy  & Quality :

Before joining the affiliate program, check the product's reputation over net and make sure that the affiliate merchants can be trusted. Suppose you have written a review on mobile phone and you found a program who deals with mobile, here you need to check the popularity and sales of that brand so that you can make sure that while visiting your site people may buy that.

3. Build Your Platform :

Build your platform with enough number of visitor first. Then only while visiting your site people will find the program and will go for it.  You should go for a blogging platform with good hosting ensuring your website has maximum available uptime and can opened fast.

4. Real & Viable Product : 

Read several times about the product which the affiliate programs holds. Get more information from customer or members  on the credibility of the program.

5. Minimum Payment Threshold & Payment Method:

Check the minimum payout threshold so that once you reach to that level you can get paid. Most of the programs set to $50$ or $100. Make sure the payment mode is permitted in your country or make use of PayPal account to receive if applicable.

6. Cookies : 

Most of the tracking happens through cookies in affiliate marketing. Actually money is used to secure the visitors (eg, cookies and IP-address) who came to your link, and the longer the time of their lives, the better. Unfortunately, most of the visitors rarely gets the goods or services at the first transition to the partner site. You should look for a program that gives a high cookie life which is ideally 2-3 months. 

7. Fraud Protection : 

You should always ask your merchant to provide you with a fraud protection service so that your clients can know multiple signups. We have observed some fraudulent practices of some affiliates. You should be protected from them. They deal with below practices :

Duplicating: creating deceptive clones of legitimate site
Diverting: creating deceptive links that do not pay the intended affiliate

8. Tracking Method : 

Make sure that the affiliate programs provide good tracking method so that your sales statistics will be readily available to you. Real time tracking would be the best one if any affiliate program offers the same.

9.  Compensation Plan :

It is a must have option. It pays out a residual income and a payout of 40% or more would be a great choice. There are some programs offering this kind of compensation and try to avoid the programs which do not offer reward for your hard work.

10 : Tools & Resources :  

Make sure that the affiliate program has sufficient helpful tools and resources so that your business can grow quickly.

11. Customer Support : 

Check the options where you can get easy support from the  affiliate program. Make sure they have a proper emailing facility or customer service over phone facility.

12. TOS : Read and accept the TOS before joining any program. Some program has very odd policies and payout threshold. We normally accept the TOS without reading it. Take time and read whole.

Last but not the least, do you like the program? If yes, then only promote that. If you like the program and its offer then only your visitors will be attracted to them. Make sure to think as a customer and if you are given the opportunity so you will buy the product. Do inquiries because there are forums and discussions sites where you can participate in to get good and reliable feedbacks.

Hope the above tips will help you choosing the right affiliate program. If you have any other suggestions,  we would welcome you.


How To Make Money With Pinterest And Other Sources

Posted By: Poketors - August 13, 2013
Have you ever thought of making your pinterest account a source of making money? Pinterest is very much popular and has a very high traffic/viewers. We will discuss the way how you can make money with Pinterest easily.

How To Make Money With Pinterest And Other Sources
Image Credit : Pinterest/Google
Before you start working on Pinterest profile, make sure the following things are taken care :

1. Need Website :

First and foremost thing is that you should have a landing page i.e. your own blog/website. The reason behind is that it will explore the way for making money online and if the site is verified with Pinterest then there is no chance of getting banned from Pinterest.

Now the question is : How do you start your blog? Most of the people think that it is difficult and time consuming process to create a blog/website and creating pages.  But this concept is wrong as nowadays it takes hardly time to create one and moreover it is free. So start with blogging platform like - Blogger or WordPress for your first free blog. 

Now buy a domain name like or as from Blogger and WordPress you will get or The first level domain name gives you proper remember-able name and easy to float on search engines.

You can get the domain name from the best domain name registration provider GoDaddy for 34% off.

2. Have Website, Monetize It :

Once you have a website, you can go for best plan for WordPress with hosting from Dreamhost, which enables you faster and almost zero downtime website resulting more income. Choose a eye catchy theme for your WordPress Blog.

There are some best books/documents available over net provided below, which are very much useful in understanding how to monetize your blog via Pinterest. 

Presently Amazon is having good offers on books for "Guide to Money Making with Pinterest" as follows:
3. Monetize From Ads :

We all know about Google AdSense and it  is the very familiar name for pre-bloggers who start monetizing their blog for first time with AdSense.

Other than AdSense there are several alternatives too like : 

BidVertiser - Advertising  with minimum payout just $10 to your PayPal account.

If you blog's page views are more, but no clicks on ads use programs like:

CPMfun - Paying for ads views not clicks.

4. Monetize From Email List or Affiliate Marketing :

Hope you are getting good amount of email subscribers for your blog posts and it this is the case then make use of it and start GIVEAWAY campaign by distributing some gift like eBook, Tutorials or Videos etc. 
Affiliate Marketing
Image Credit : Google
Some well known affiliate websites are : 
5. Start promoting Pins and increase sales :

Once you have some good numbers of Pinterest followers then start sharing and pinning among you and your followers, which is in fact a very good practice.

This is a great source of income. If you really want to sell your service and want some place where you do do that then we recommend Fiverr.

6.  Some Other Source Of Income :

Several other affiliates programs are there which can increase your take home amount but it is slow and tiring job. Some are the websites listed below for micro works :

Making Money Uploading Images:
Making Money Shrinking URLs:
Make money Sharing links:
Making Money Uploading Files:
You can also monetize your own videos. Find out how can you make more money with it.

Hope the above article is useful in making your Pinterest account an income source with other ways to monetize your blog.

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