Top 10 SEO Tips For Bloggers

Posted By: Poketors - August 20, 2013
A lot of articles are there which help us to do a better SEO job for your website ensuring that your website will be available to search engines and easy to find it.

Top 10 SEO Tips For Bloggers

Tim Resnick of (SEO) Moz, has suggested 10 SEO tips for bloggers as follows :

1. Stay Tuned On SEO Job:

If you get success from your blog then you should stick with the SEO opportunities and working on them.

2. Don't Press "Enter" : 

Always use Google Suggests to auto fill keywords and check what comes on the dropdown list. For example, if you type "Ice". You may find Ice Age then Ice Cream etc. Don't press Enter. Its better to use Soovle.com to find out the automatic suggestions on all search engines in one page.


3. Don't Make Duplicate : 

Google doesn't like duplicate contents and they can penalize you. To avoid this so you can search for your post's duplicates. You can either take your post's first sentence and put it in Google or you can use copyspace.com to find duplicates.

4. Follow @twitter :

Building links in good circles with the help of established connection will definitely help your blog to grow. So try to follow the right people in social media connection. Share your links with great influencers.

5. Timing For Tweet : 

You can tweet at the time when your followers are on twitter. But how? There is a tool from MOZ, bufferapp.com which helps to analze and find the online twitter people.

6. Find Keyword :

Keywords are one of the best source of traffic to your blog. use google Webmaster Tool to work with keywords.

7. Rich Snippets :

To know your blog better, Google has to have microdata for your blog. You can use Rich Snippets for this.

8. Generate Sitemap :

For all bloggers, it is compulsory to submit the sitemap which help your blog pages to be indexed in google and other search engines. Go through the guidelines.

9. Authorship : 

If you have good content in your blog with your photo, then it will be helpful for your blog's faster visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Use Google Authorship.

10. Get Google+ Circled :

Get your blogs circulated via Google Plus circles then you will get more engagement.

The above SEO tips are mostly useful for your blog's visibility on SERPs. Now here is the presentation of Tim Resnick.

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