Google Announced Hummingbird Update

Posted By: Poketors - September 27, 2013
On it's 15th birthday, Google moved all their searches to Secure Search. The reason behind this is that Google will now show all organic traffic in your  analytics tool originating from the keyword. So Google has rolled out a vital update to their algorithm and announced this modification as Hummingbird Update.
What is Hummingbird Update?

Hummingbird Update is an upgrade to Google algorithm which processes and analyzes more complex queries. In 2010, Google update Caffeine was aimed at crawling and indexing but Hummingbird is meant for improvement matching for relevance.

In an event recently took place, Google SVP of Search Amit Singhal talked about the new things happening nowadays  on Google. Here are some highlights from Q&A sessions which were addressed by Amit Singhal himself. has documented some Q&A on their site. Find below some highlights of them.

Q: How big a change is Hummingbird? 

it’s as big as the change to the last algorithm, known as Caffeine. It happened about a month ago.

Q: How specifically is Hummingbird better?

It’s essentially to better answer the much more complex queries people are making. It impacts all kinds of queries, but far more effective on long, complex questions that we are getting many more of now. 

Q: Examples? 

Hard to be specific, but essentially, with more complex queries, the algorithm can better understand concepts vs. words as well as relationships between concepts.

Q: How is this different in nature from Caffeine? 

This is clearly more focused on ranking sites better for relevance, while Caffeine was more focused on better indexing and crawling of sites.

Hummingbird For Search Visibility :

Google already explained as it will impact up to 90% of SERPs. This update is meant to rank content better with respect to relevance, and to match in a broader population of queries, we are optimistic that it will improve the quality of the SERPs.

Considering the lack of visibility into keywords (Secure Search), we can come to a decision that Google is finally forcing our hands with the move to semantic search and SERPs based on user intent as opposed to keyword matching as a whole.

People who practise and take advantage of content marketing, especially those that include authorship markup and other semantic markup, are already ahead of the game in the Hummingbird time.

This is just a beginning; so we can expect much more analysis coming out in the days ahead. Share your experience and add comments below. If you find additional information that people would like, you can add those resources or links in the comment section.

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