How To Get Traffic From Reddit To Your Website

Posted By: Poketors - September 14, 2013
Reddit is a social sharing platform for news and entertainment. It was founded in 2005 by  Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman. The name Reddit is a combination of “read/edit” and “read it”. The users of Reddit are known as “Redditors” which itself is a combination of “Reddit” and “Editors”. Reddit is a platforms where users submit content in the form of either a link or a text, which can generate huge traffic to your website and give your product and service a massive exposure, popularity and followers.

Reddit’s blog shows the detailed report on traffic stats for the year 2012:
  • 37 Billion Pageviews
  • 400 Million Unique Visitors
  • 4 Billion Votes
  • 30 Million Posts
  • 260 Million Comments
You can be a part of this huge statistics and if you do it in the right way.

The things your have to keep in mind when submitting to Reddit should be helpful and add value. Always focus on the factors not only when trying to get traffic, but also to the content you write. People like good content which helps them and updates them in a regular basis. 

Here are some points which can be kept in mind while sharing on Reddit :

 1. Know Your Readers :

Reddit has different sub categories known as “subreddits”. Some of the popular categories are - technology (/r/technology) online marketing (/r/webmarketing or /r/ppc) cute things (/r/aww), strange things (/r/wtf) and even strange cute things (/r/awwwtf) and many more.

So you you have to search for your blog readers in some of the 221,986 subreddits. Though it is time consuming job but interesting too.

2. Let Readers Know You :

After your search is over and you are able to gather some people who love to read your content or buy your products or services, start interacting with them. Put comment on submissions and give helpful advice to your readers. Here is a site where you can find good comments in /r/bestof.

With engagement of people, you will definitely establish a good reputation and once you have done that you can slowly start to promote or endorse your products and services. The readers  will come to know you from your previous helpful comments and engagement conversations with people. Always keep in mind one thing that you need serving quality and valued content.

3. Choose Your Timing :

Choose your timing right so that you won't miss the people who will see your content and get themeselves involed in reading your content.

According to an infographic about “Social Timing” by KissMetrics the best time to submit your link on most social networks is before 5PM EST. This is also the time when most people are actively browsing Reddit. So make use of the timing factor and share your content.

4. How To Submit On Reddit

If you have an account on Reddit then login and share else create an account by registering yourself and start sharing. Once you have created an account and found your subreddit pages, you can submit your link. Go to your subreddit’s page and click on “Submit a new Link”.
The most important step is the next one. You have to choose an awesome title. Use a simplified and catchy title so that people can easily know what you want to say on that content. Like in the below example we have shared the link for "How to deal with 404 error page". It describes the issue with recovery statement.
Once you entered all the details, click on submit button and here you go online on Reditt.

5. After Submission: 
Make sure you are monitoring the comments to your submission time to time. If people raise any question about your link, just respond to them. Sharing your comment will prove your credibility and will increase your blog viewers accordingly.

Hope the above guide will help you increase your blog viewers gradually. If you find anything interesting which can be added to the above steps too, share your views and comments.

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