How To Solve Problems Of Social Media Manager

Posted By: Poketors - September 22, 2013
If you are a social manager or a social media enthusiast then it is the perfect post for you. Even if you are not then also it will help you to understand various aspects of handling social media and network relatedissues and how to avoid them.

Here are some tips which can be helpful in managing problems of social media managers in social networking.

1.  Selecting Social Media Platform :

Social Media Manager's main playground is social media and they always try to manage the followers. They spend time on creating useful stuffs for people and make them engaged. A lot of social media platforms are there. Here the issue is which one to select out of multiple social network websites. Buffer would be helpful for scheduling posts selectively but you can't monitor the engagement status. You can use Sprout Social which would be a paid service but the best way to get all the metrics reports. It takes time to check all the social platform and choose the best for your use.

2. Timely And Instantly Interact With Followers :

Sometimes it is observed that enagegement with followers become very difficult as there might be hundreds of posts, likes, comments, tweets and engaging with all of them at a time is impossible. What is the use of having twitter followers and facebook fan page if you can;'t interact with your friends or followers? 

If you respond to your follower instantly and timely manner so that your follower or "follower turned-customer" would love to interact with you because their queries and concernes will be addressed by you immeditely. You can schedule your timings to check your followers queries and respond to them throughout the whole day. If you check social media sites in every 3 -4 hours, that would be a good practice.

3. Interesting Content :  

Posting multiple contents doesn't help in promoting your brand over web and it is even more difficult to find a relevant post for your brand and for the customers too. Though it is difficult to find out perfect article for your brand but not impossible. The best way would be find a blog which best describes your brand, blog or services you offer and save it for future use. Save all your resources in a single place.

4. Posting Schedule :  

According to the time zone differences your posting and post engagement will be different. You might have customers with different age groups with different time zones. If your target audience is in Europe then you can't expect a huge engagemenet with a post for Eastern Time Zone. So a social medai manager has to select correct timing and schedule for posting articles.

5. Unique And Fresh : 

Your customers will not encourage you with a repeatative posting topics day after day. They want something new, fresh and unique. You have to post something extra or unique thing so that customer will read your content. Make use of various social networks like Instagram, Flikcr, YouTube in case if you deadly in need for posting similar article topics, so that you can present the similar content in different format. It is also an optional approach but stick to new, fresh and unique content.

6. Distraction Management : 

Working on Facebook and Twitter on daily basis may make you feel boring for times, which leads to distracting from your job and tempt  you to click on some other links on your newsfeed too. To avoid this distracting nature you can take a break for 10 minutes in a 4 hour time span and browse some other websites. This small break will refresh you and again you can concentrate on your regular job.

7. Time Management : 

You have to give yourself time so that you can also tweet or post your own thought. It will take hardly few seconds but this will allow you to create content which will be liked by your customers. While posting take time and think about timings for posts.

8. Proper Understanding :

Social Media is not just a small topic which can be taken casually. Your right approach would lead you to success and one mistake can turned your business or brand down. Hence overall, you have to have knowledge and understanding of all the related tools to social media networks and also have to have good relationships with the affiliates and sponsors.

Hope the above steps will help you in making decisions on social media strategy avoiding the issues come in between. We would welcome your feedback on the above steps and let us know if you have any suggestion.

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