How To Stop iOS 7 Battery Consumption

Posted By: Poketors - September 22, 2013
iOS 7 offers some great features and with these features people are crazy about the latest OS from Apple. With some eye-catchy, excellent features, iOS has been in news for destroying battery life. iOS is supported on all older devices on or after iPhone 4 models but with some limitations.

If you want to make a stable and standard battery life of iOS device, you may try the below tweaks on settings.

1. Background App Refresh :

This feature is very useful when you don't use your device but it is a big reason to drain your battery. If you disable this feature then you can save your battery life but just a few apps would refrain from refreshing, that can be ignored.

2. Location-Based Service :

Through tracking of location is useful for us but running these services lead to a quick battery consumption. Apps like Maps would give you a well tracked location service, but we can stop using this whenever not required would help us to save battery life. Sometimes people authorize other apps like Facebook or Twitter to track your location unknowingly. At least we can totally disable this feature on these kind of apps. iOS 7 has system level option for location tracking with compass and GPS. If you disable tracking these services on few apps would give you boost in battery life.

3. AirDrop :

iOS 7 has a cool feature called AirDrop to iPhones. It is very new features only introduced for iPhone released versions after iPhone 4, has dropbox style look. You can turn it off whenever you son't use it. To access this, iOS 7 has new Control Center which can be seen by swiping upwards on home screen. Once you get the center, you can disable AirDrop.

4.  WiFi And Bluetooth : 

From the same place where you disable AirDrop, you can find the options for WiFi and Bluetooth also. Disabling these features can also help you to save the battery life. 

5. Reduce Motion : 

 iOS 7 introduced an interesting and fancy looking 3D parallax wallpaper effect. You might be little bit upset while disabling it but it would definitely save your battery life. From option in the Accessibility menu, you can disable this feature by toggling on the "Reduce Motion".

6. Dynamic Wallpaper : 

Using dynamic wallpaper kills your battery life. Setting this feature might make your device look good but at the same time it drains your battery life.

Following the above features would definitely brings down the risk of battery consumption. Share your experience with iOS 7 with valuable comments and suggestions.

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