Things Not To Do In Facebook

Posted By: Poketors - September 19, 2013
Facebook crossed more than 1 billion active users and with the help of this great popularity some people are looking for a space to use Facebook’s viral market to sell you their products or services or they try to earn money through affiliate links or some tricky way. Here are the guidelines which will help you to learn NOT TO DO things on Facebook.

1. Tagging People :

Do not tag people in the image where they have no relevancy on that. People do tag in photos unnecessarily and it annoys people who are tagged in it. This approach is purely a spammer approach. If you want to wish people then you can send them private message rather than tagging them in image. It is found that most of the people don't like to get tagged on images.

2. Group Addition :

Don't engage people in groups randomly. You never know that people whom you are adding they may not like the groups or they might find these groups irrelevant to their interests. Once you are sure that any particular group would help them, only then you can suggest.

3. Posting From Twitter :

People have the tendency to post the same stuff on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Posting automatically on Facebook, sent from your Twitter tweets would lead to less engagement with connected people. Facebook will treat Twitter app as third party app with less priority and it will also give a wrong impression that you have less interests in direct posting on Facebook.

4. Page Invitation :

People create Facebook pages and start inviting people to like it. In this way they annoy most of the invited people as the page might not serve anything to invited ones. Instead of inviting people, you can share the page link directly on Facebook because most of the friends would see it on timeline and if that interests them they will definitely like the page. Sending page invitation would be irritation thing for those people and you will loose a single chance for a "LIKE" from them. They will ignore the page and would not like anymore.

5. Like By Self :

A lot of people like their own post once they share some link or photo or even a status message. It is absolutely odd behavior as you definitely like the link; that is why you are sharing. If you like your own post then people might think that you liked your status or post just to keep it moving in Facebook ticker.

6. App Requests :

If you like any App in Facebook it doesn't mean that your friends will also like it. Don't send any app request until you realize that they really need it or useful. By doing this your friends might get irritated for that behavior and later on they won't even see useful request if you send.
7. Friend Suggestions :

People do make enough friends in Facebook knowingly or unknowingly and sometimes it is been observed that they suggest their immediate connected friends to become friend with some other unknown people. It annoys the people who get the suggestions. If you are doing this, stop it.

8. Message Like Spammer :

Don't send message to people asking to like your page or any post just to get more likes. If you want to share something then share it on your profile page instead of spamming. And if people really like your page, you will get your page liked automatically.

9. Event Invite :

Refrain from sending mass event invite to people. People may not like your events and they will have negative impression about you. Invitation can be sent only when they are really interested in that event.

10. Multiple Like Button :

Consider a situation where you have created a page which has a lot of "LIKE" buttons than your unique content. People visiting your site would definitely treat it as strategy and also think that you have intentionally put the like buttons rather than putting a well composed article. If people like that article then they would obviously click on the Facebook like button also.

11. Poke Friends :

Poking friends occasionally is a good practice. In many instances it is found that some people always poke others just to make sure their existence or try to behave like an active user on Facebook. We would like to suggest that instead of poking people if you could share good articles or good posts with links then people will be automatically engaged with your post.

Hope you are clear about the tips we have suggested here. The above mentioned "NOT TO DO" things would be helpful for your engagement with people. Share your experience with us.

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