Anglo Rank Link Network Taken Down By Google

Posted By: Poketors - December 28, 2013
The term "Anglo Rank" has been in use since few month. Actually it was a paid link service with links reputed to be from multiple private networks, in order to give it the “no footprints” status it had been marketing on. Matt Cutts’ tweet directly quoted the language from the selling features listed on their sales page.
Even after Cutts's tweet, the seller has been saying it is business as usual and very few sites within their networks were actually hit. Because of the warnings in Webmaster Central and Anglo Rank does not own the sites with the links they are using, they might not be aware of which sites have or have not been penalized. The seller commented that the only way Google would be able to take out the network is if they negated all footer and sidebar links:
ANGLO RANK Is not a 'Network', It Is a service which resells links from private networks which are there for years with 100's and 1000's of sites.
They'll hit 100 sites here and there and next day there will be 10,000 new sites In these networks. Only way for google to tackle with this Issue is to completely devalue footer and sidebar links and I don't see this coming in near future.
Lets see how it is going. Share your comments on this. 

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