How To Improve Content Marketing After Google’s Hummingbird

Posted By: Poketors - December 27, 2013
Google introduced its modified and improved search algorithm by releasing the Hummingbird in the month of September 2013. The purpose of this change is to more clearly understand how people think and to consider the various meanings of words or phrases use in the search.

 Find below how can you improve content marketing after Google’s Hummingbird:

1. Consumer Needs

Consumer defines quality content and Google intends to satisfy the consumer. People go search in Google just to get proper answer to their questions. Web content should be of good quality which must satisfy their needs.

2. Language Useage

Hummingbird is responsive to mobile and voice search which is impressive move from Google but it will affect the majority of online searches. First make sure that why people are typing a specific word or phrase in the search box? Are there alternative words or synonyms that describe your products or services? For example, you have a food service website. In this case, what does your site content say about different types of food items. You should think beyond an exact keyword and focus your content around those ideas. Your customer relationship management techniques must focus on why and what people are looking for.

3. Quality Content

Everyday people are sharing ideas, opinions, and other valuable information in different social networks. Your website or blog should be designed to make it as easy as possible for people to share your content with their network. So your quality should be up to the mark so that people can get some value added information.

4. Interesting and Inviting

Google's Panda and Penguin updates punished websites that contained thin, stale, or irrelevant content, as well as, linking techniques of the same poor quality. It matters on the first look and feel like if a reader visits your site and find it interesting then only he can continue. It should invite readers so that they can get involved with your content.

5. Brand Specific

You have to make sure that the blog and web content must be filled with sufficient information so your visitors can find a definite answer. Viewers don’t want to be directed somewhere else to solve their problem. Your content would be known as brand.

Google is improving its search quality better day by day and the Googlebot is now trying to understand the intent of the search. Hope these tips would help you to improve content marketing. If you have any more suggestion  please share with us.

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