Google Is Fined $1.23M For Privacy Violations

Posted By: Poketors - December 20, 2013
Government of Spain’s privacy police has charged Google with a $1.23-million fine. It is told that the technology giant is in violation of the country’s data protection laws.

Google has been charged with the law from Spanish Agency for Data Protection last March when it opted to merge its more than 70 privacy policies into one user information sharing policy. It’s new practice of combining personal data from its various online services without adequately informing users breaches the country’s data protection act.

As per the agency press release (English Version) published, “There are three serious violations of the Organic Act Data Protection (LOPD). Google is fined 300,000 euros for each and is to adopt without delay the measures necessary to comply with legal requirements.”

The statement says "Google is gathering and then processing users’ personal information illegally, and it also combines the personal information collected through the various services or products … for purposes that are not determined clearly.” It also said Google accumulates and maintains personal data “for indeterminate periods of time.”

Spain is the first of five countries expected to take action against Google. Data protection authorities from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are likely to follow suit.

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