Flickr Launches Web Embedding Feature

Posted By: Poketors - December 21, 2013
Flickr has launched a new web embedding capability feature for all publicly shared photos on its site. This in turn will make it easier for people to add Flickr photos and videos to their websites. This new feature will be only applicable for public photos. As usual, private photos will be visible only to the people with whom we are sharing the images.

Yahoo’s photo sharing site Flick might not be the best choice for photo sharing platform and very late in introducing embedding facility whereas Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have offered the service to its users for some time. Flick is offering the features in its Creative Commons licensed images.

How to use the feature? 

On the new Flickr photo page, simply click on the share button, browse to < />, pick an embed size and then copy the code.

After that the embedded photos and videos will automatically be displayed with their full title and the owner’s Flickr name. Flickr will also keep track of views of embedded photos and videos from external sites in its stats so the owner of the image can know the popularity of the photos. From a Flick blog post which describes how it can be used for sharing images and tracking stats.

Yahoo describes the new embedding feature as “contextual and interactive.”

Flick  blog says, “If you’ve embedded a photo from a set, photostream or group, people will be able to browse through the whole collection. Because Flickr is dedicated to high-quality, full-resolution images, we are also offering a magnificent full-screen viewing experience for the photos on your site. We’ll never compress or resize your images.”

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