How To Increase Facebook Referral Traffic

Posted By: Poketors - December 21, 2013
Direct traffic is very easy to get from Facebook but what about Facebook referral traffic? It is the traffic that comes from the Facebook domain. Sometimes it refers to affiliate advertising from the website but here we are referring to the traffic you can get from the Facebook profiles and fan pages. People get very less referral traffic from Facebook. 

Below are some ways you can increase your Facebook referral traffic:

1. Answer a question via the website :

You can promote, market your website on most of your posts. But if you are putting any information then put a link for the website else if you are answering any question asked by any of your post likers then reply back to him via a website where the answer would be there. to the website that provides the answer. Something simple may be all that is needed such as, “We just cut the price of our Doc Martins” followed by a link to the website.

2. Post in a simple way on your Facebook posts :

You can put your Facebook posts in a simple way and in simple language so that people can understand them and get engaged with it. Always remember one thing that you are not writing any editorial articles as post because it is social media so people prefer a smart answer or information with a valid link.

3. Make sure the website visit is short :

You need to make it clear to people that they will visit your website for a short period. It will send a subtle message that will make your viewers more amenable to visiting your website. It should not threaten their Facebook session, and make sure that they should stay on Facebook because they are having chat or doing something over there. Even if the page is open in another tab, still it makes them feel that they are leaving Facebook, so confirm them in a subtle way that they are going to be able to get right back to Facebook after they have taken a quick visit to your website. And it is very obvious that once you are able to draw their attention they will stay on your website for longer time if they like it. Hence it is good for your business too.

4. Value addition with website after your post :

Once your Facebook post viewers liked your post and have returned because they like other posts that you have made. So it is obvious that they will see your website if your website has some sort of entertainment value. Attaching it to some sort of entertainment channel may be a good try if you are running any eCommerce site or promoting your business.

5. Offer something special and important :

If you are trying to get Facebook users to visit your website and also you want make some business promotions or deals then don't go by the usual way showing “limited time offer” because it has been overused. Instead of that you can create a logical and valid reason why people are better off visiting your website now instead of later which will in turn more conversions as a result ensuring a better experience with your website and connecting Facebook users to your website.

By this way you are making a user think that he or she may lose something if he or she does not visit touy website quickly. In this way your conversion rate will go up. Share your valuable comments if you have some more suggestions.

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