Microsoft Updates Outlook Features To Organize Inbox

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 19, 2014
Microsoft has been experimenting and changing the interface and features in its new office tools since few months. And now it has updated some Outlook tools to help users cleaning their inboxes. Microsoft has upgraded the methods of categorizing and searching for messages along with adding improvements to its Sweep to delete feature for inbox.

Outlook principal group program manager Mike Schackwitz said in a blog post “If you’re like the average customer, you’ll receive over 10,000 personal e-mails over the next 12 months, and 80 percent of that will be the newsletters, offers and updates that often clutter your inbox. That’s a lot of e-mail to deal with. It’s why the team spends much of our energy on giving you tools that make it easy to get to the e-mail you care about.”

Sweep allows users to clear their in-boxes with a bulk delete function. Now it will be easier to use with a simpler interface requiring fewer clicks.

Schackwitz added “One of the most commonly-searched criteria is for people, so we now show your contact names and pictures together when you’re looking for them. Searching for a contact will find all e-mail from any e-mail address they have, so you don’t have to remember whether that e-mail came from their personal address or their work address.”

This updates include also include more keyboard shortcuts and improvements to video and chat capabilities for Skype, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such platforms— will roll out to users in the next few weeks.

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