Google Teams Up With Foxconn To Accelerate Robotics

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 12, 2014
Google and Foxconn teams up to initiate some excitement new robotics projects. Foxconn is the world’s biggest electronics manufacturer. Google’s robotics expert Andy Rubin and Foxconn’s chairman Terry Gou have been discussing with their new robotics projects since last year. Foxconn has been a longtime supplier of parts for Apple’s iPhones and iPads according to the report on Wall Street Journal.

Google Teams Up With Foxconn To Accelerate Robotics

The Taiwanese company which is also known as Hon Hai Precision is providing Google with direction on robotics development. Google is helping Foxconn to accelerate its development of manufacturing robotics.

As per the source, Rubin talked to Gou in Taipei about new robotic technologies and its future projects. Gou was excited by the new automation technologies demonstrated by Rubin. Rubin asked for Gou’s support in developing latest robotics technology. It is quite obvious that this move will be good for both the companies.

“Foxconn needs Google’s help to step up automation at its factories as the company has the lowest sales per employee among the contract makers, given its large workforce. Using robots to replace human workers would be the next big thing in the technology industry. Not just Google, other major technology companies such as Microsoft and Amazon also have been developing robotics technology to capture the future growth opportunities.” stated by CIMB Securities analyst Wanli Wang.

Lets hope for some new products from Google in future ahead. Google has been offering some amazing products since a year and with this integrated effort, it will definitely come up with innovative products.

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