Yahoo Makes Changes In Local Search Map Experience

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 02, 2014
Yahoo has recently updated its local search results which seems that the company would follow a Google way approach in this. It has introduced the similar approach concept which can be found in Google maps. The new Yahoo local search results give detailed information about a business or a place. 

Image credit : Yahoo!
Yahoo says in its blog post that "Whether you’re searching for the nearest open restaurant or your local coffee shop, you’ll see a snapshot of the business alongside our refreshed Yahoo Maps experience - information like a company overview, photos, hours of operation, parking availability and more. With a noticeably larger map that stays put on the sidebar, it’s easier to find the location closest to you."

CEO Marissa Mayer was in Google earlier and obviously she saw Google growing with its best concepts on technology aspects. She was a part of that success too. It’s not the first time Yahoo has taken concepts from Google. Earlier they have modified their mail design just following Gmail, which has been much appreciated 'Yahoo move' for its mailing service.

Hope to see some more experiments and modifications in Yahoo tools and services for reaching it to a better platform which Yahoo needs very badly in this competitive market.

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