Google, Viacom Announced The Settlement Of YouTube Copyright Litigation

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 18, 2014
Its been seven years Google is fighting with Viacom regarding copyright litigation. Finally it came to an end. Both companies agreed on terms of the deal and also the companies released a brief statement of the agreement.

Google, Viacom Announced The Settlement Of YouTube Copyright Litigation

The organization announced “Google and Viacom today jointly announced the resolution of the Viacom vs. YouTube copyright litigation. This settlement reflects the growing collaborative dialogue between our two companies on important opportunities, and we look forward to working more closely together.”

The battle started in 2007 when Viacom sued Google for YouTube for $1 billion. Viacom accused YouTube regarding posts for copyrighted material. Viacom reported that YouTube was hosting more than 160,000 unauthorized videos containing Viacom content as YouTube videos.

YouTube reported that it was in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices. The court, in 2010, agreed that the video posting site had indeed been compliant in removing copyright-protected content posted by YouTube users. Google even accused Viacom of furtively uploading its content to YouTube itself.

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