Mozilla Updates Firefox Interface

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 21, 2014
Mozilla released Firefox 29 on Thursday and the update includes a new Australis interface.  This change is the largest interface change introduced since years by Mozilla.  Users can experience better after this update. 

Mozilla Updates Firefox Interface
The most important major change is in the customization available to users. Features of the browser can be rearranged within the interface. Tabs have been improved so there’s no more guessing about the tab you are using.

Like Google Chrome, Firefox now also has an account feature. It means you can sync between a set of versions allowing for smooth transition from device to device. Initially the old firefox users won't like the interface much because its been provided with a different pattern. Still as times goes they can adapt the feature usage. But Chrome users can find some similarities, which will make them easy to use Firefox.

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