How To Optimize Your Content For Social Media & SEO

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 09, 2014
A lot of website owners and bloggers always try to keep track on their search engine ranking. Earlier the optimization technique was only about some keywords and phrases into every web page. Nowadays the "keyword stuffing" concept is gone and a new standard of search and social optimization has arrived. Without social media, your site won't rank quickly or it will not even appear in the SERPs. So, you have to optimize for social media and search rankings. You can start thinking of this now for optimizing.

How To Optimize Your Content For Social Media & SEO

Social Media and SEO Aspects :

Social media and search engine optimization are interrelated. The goal of both is to raise up rankings but the approach is different. For social media, you have to think engagement and sharing. Social media practices are:
  1. Increasing organic reach via paid options
  2. Real-time content opportunities via social monitoring
  3. Brand, messaging and calendar managed topics
  4. Engagement – and view – based performance
  5. Short form contents status updates, image tiles and blog posts
For SEO, you have to think strategy, process and tactics. SEO touches everything and enhances the ranking and visibility of a website. Search optimization practices are:
  1. Content and social promotion
  2. Link building
  3. Tactics like quality content generating and more search presence
  4. Keyword-managed content and focuses on search KPIs and conversions
  5. Topics emanating from actual search demand
  6. Technical optimization, including meta descriptions

SEO and Social Media Practices

Optimization doesn't need any mathematical calculation. The below four simple practices make your website healthy :

1: Know the backwards and forwards business model  and focus on their main goals.

2: Optimize for search and share on social media

3: Provide search engines the most relevant and high quality websites and content that meets their search criteria.

4: Website should have tags and Meta descriptions

If you put a little bit effort on the above aspects and implement them on your website. It will surely give you a positive result.

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