IBM Announces $3B For Semiconductor Research

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 10, 2014
IBM is going to invest $3 billion on semiconductor research and development in the next five years towards the growing demand for cloud computing and Big Data systems. Since few weeks, there was a rumour that IBM will be selling its chip-manufacturing arm. But after the announcement it is very much clear that IBM is restructuring and strengthening its chip division.

IBM Announces $3B For Semiconductor ResearchIBM Research senior vice-president said John Kelly said "IBM engineers and scientists, along with our partners, are well suited for this challenge and are already working on the materials science and device engineering required to meet the demands of the emerging system requirements for cloud, big data, and cognitive systems. This new investment will ensure that we produce the necessary innovations to meet these challenges.”

IBM is going to develop alternative technologies for post-silicon era chips using a completely different methods. Scientists and other experts told that these are required because of the physical limitations of silicon-based semiconductors.  Click here to know more.

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